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Overcoming Unemployment – Strategies

Being unemployed can take a major toll on your financial situation, self-esteem and your desire. If prolonged your competency level can also be impacted negatively, (i.e., keeping up with experience, skills and attributes that are in demand in the job market). But don’t lose all hope or get down on yourself. As you search for a new job, you need to know that there are thousands of others who are also unemployed and searching for a job. Let’s now look at overcoming unemployment strategies.

Implement an effective job market strategy for overcoming unemployment

To position yourself ahead and give yourself an edge over these other job-seekers, come up with an effective job market strategy for overcoming unemployment. Below are the top 3 strategies you need to consider in overcoming unemployment.

Strategy 1

Create Your Own Job Opportunities: It is a statistical fact that 80% of job hunters concentrate on 20% of jobs available. This is somehow puzzling, but it makes sense when you consider that this 20 % of jobs are the jobs advertised through the mainstream job channels most job seekers use social media, online job portals, recruitment agencies, and newspapers. So you need to concentrate your efforts on the other 80% of jobs which are accessed via the hidden job market channels.

Take a look at the following article:

  1. Tips for a Successful Job Search

Strategy 2

Take On Volunteer Work: It is rather myopic when jobseekers say they don’t want to work for free, therefore they cannot do volunteer work. When you take the time to consider what you stand to get out of it, this is definitely far from the truth.

Volunteer work achieves 5 things:

  • It keeps your experience and skills up to date
  • Portrays you as a proactive, hardworking individual who uses their initiative
  • Puts you into the know with regard to the internal job market industry, as you now have one foot through the door at your place of volunteer work
  • Makes you more marketable as you can put the name of the organization down as place of work
  • Finally, naturally gives you an edge over other job candidates as a result of the first 4 reasons. Look at this, this way. If you were the hiring manager and you were considering 2 applicants. One who has just remained unemployed and does nothing, and the other that does volunteer work. Who would have the edge in your eyes?

Volunteer Work in Zambia

Some of the organizations that offer volunteer work in Zambia are Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)UN Volunteers and Tiny Tim & Friends.

Strategy 3

Continuous Improvement: You should never stop developing yourself. Be highly committed to self-development. Especially given the impact of the information age in today’s ever-changing and fast-paced world of work. Those who get hired effortlessly are those who are on the cutting edge of their industry in terms of technologies, specialized industry advancement, training and latest trends.

The good news is that there are a lot of affordable, sometimes free, ways to stay ahead of the curve. So commit to improving yourself. Start learning by participating in educational experiences such as training and classes, researching info on relevant websites, reading specialist publications, and so on.

Some of the affordable learning programs are;

  • Specialist affordable online training with e-courses4you. Start Learning today.
  • Build skills for a top job in any industry. Explore hundreds of business and other courses on Coursera today.
  • Who says you won’t make it in Tech? Defy expectations with an online course from FutureLearn

Just by working on these top 3 areas will dramatically improve your chances of achieving your job goal in the most effective and quickest manner possible. However, a note of caution. The success of these strategies is very dependent on how well developed your job market skills are.

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